Gettysburg Times: Dan Duryea Obituary (1968)


The Gettysburg Times
Tuesday, June 11, 1968


HOLLYWOOD (AP) --- With a sneer, Dan Duryea shot other actors on the screen and slapped women around. But at home he led a Cub Scout pack and opened his home to his sons' friends.

Duryea, who died Friday of cancer at 61, said he didn't want his sons to remember him as "the guy who took pot shots at Gary Cooper."

In his long career Duryea played more than 150 roles on the stage, in television and in motion pictures. In almost all, he was a Western character or a villain.

In 1940, on the Broadway stage he gained fame as the sniveling coward Leo Hubbard in Lillian Hellman's play, "The Little Foxes." Then he moved to Hollywood to repeat the role on screen.

His female audiences loved it when he belted beauties black and blue.

Duryea turned more to varied character roles in recent years. He was a tired adventurer in the movie, "Flight of the Phoenix," and a wandering confidence man, Eddie Jacks, in the television series, "Peyton Place."

Duryea, was a native of White Plains, N.Y. He was graduated from Cornell University.

Funeral services will be held today at Forest Lawn.