Stars and Stripes Interview (1954)


The Stars and Stripes
Friday, June 25, 1954


HOLLYWOOD, June 25 (UP) --- Movie menace Dan Duryea complains that most people he meets want to know where he gets off slugging movie queens every time he appears on celluloid.

"Trouble is, I can't blame them," Dan sighed. "I'm the champ when it comes to beating up actresses. So far I've struck more than a dozen and the parts keep rolling in."

The actor said he's a little leery about making pronouncements on the psychological effects of lowering the boom on defenseless females.

"All I know is that me fan mail goes up like a thermometer in a blast furnace every time I tee off on a gal. Guess there's a certain amount of masochism in everyone --- especially women."

"Some women write and say the babe in the movie had it coming to her. Others tell me they want to see me beat up on more gals. A few nutty ones ask me if I'll slap them silly if they come to Hollywood."

Dan said he wants it known that he doesn't enjoy clobbering gals any more than they enjoy being on the receiving end.