Buddy Davis: Making a Dino


Q. How do you make teeth, horns, and claws look so realistic?
A. The first thing I do is to sculpt them from foam. Cover this with fiberglass, and finish them off with Smooth-On epoxy. Smooth-On dries to a natural colour that doesn't need to be painted. A stiffener (usually, wire) is added to each claw for extra stability.

Q. How do you keep your models from falling over?
A. Most of the models are either welded or bolted to a heavy base. Bolting is the best, because you can "unbolt" the model when you need to change something. Even with this bolting and welding, it best not to lean or sit on anyone's dinosaur models. You don't want to cause an accident.

Q. How many models have you made since that original Ornitholestes?
A. Unfortunately, I never kept a good count. Many of them were sold or traded. A few were destroyed. We do know that it's way over 100 models of dinosaurs and other animals.

Q. How can I see your models?
A. Some of my newer ones can be seen scattered throughout the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum in Kentucky. If you go to the museum's lower level and then up the stairs into the Dinosaur Den, you'll see quite a few of my models displayed together. (The skeleton is the only thing up there that isn't mine.) I traded three of my models for the cast of the Mastodon that's standing in the museum lobby. One model is at Liberty University in Virginia. I'd like to sit down one day and make a list of where my models can be seen.


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